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Driven by Data: Anemia Care in 2021

Driven by Data: Anemia Care in 2021

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Strong data analysis is the cornerstone of healthcare performance improvement. Without a clear view into the current operating picture, there is no way to develop initiatives that will have the desired positive effect.

And there are two things those of us who spend our time thinking about, and working with, health system data know:

1. What gets measured, gets managed, as the adage goes.
2. Our assumptions about what the data will show are nearly always wrong in some ways, and sometimes, they are wrong in many ways. The data always has the power to surprise us.

These conclusions are particularly true in the realm of anemia management.


Data-Driven Anemia Care with MyBloodHealth®

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MyBloodHealth® is Accumen’s patented anemia management platform. It brings together all of the relevant patient data, from the lab, the pharmacy, the primary care doctor, the surgical team, the care manager, and others – using a secure, automated process. Data flows automatically into MyBloodHealth®, including:

• Surgery data
• Infusion center data
• Hospital demographic data
• Patient demographics
• Existing patient lab data
• Order sets
• Billing/coding details

With all of this information in a single, automated solution, teams can handle four times as many patients per day. MyBloodHealth®:

• Systemizes patient workflows
• Triages patients automatically
• Creates customized care plans
• Ensures complete communication, with everyone in the loop

As a result, health systems using MyBloodHealth® can address this key source of patient morbidity and mortality. When it comes down to it, anemia is not a harmless condition. It is a modifiable risk for increased perioperative morbidity and mortality, and people with anemia deserve to be diagnosed and treated for it – especially if they are preparing to have surgery. With an automated, virtual solution, increased patient safety – without increasing costs – is simple.


How Data-Driven Anemia Care Can Work for Your Health System

Still not sure that an automated approach is the way to go? Then take advantage of Accumen’s MyBloodHealth® Anemia Management Opportunity Assessment. This complimentary assessment analyzes your health system’s specific data, and then uses your organization’s own case volumes to:

• Identify estimated revenue opportunities through infusion
• Pinpoint available cost reductions
• Estimate annual margin improvement available

Learn more about MyBloodHealth®, Accumen’s patented anemia management system that helps health systems better identify patients, avoid unnecessary blood transfusions, prevent complications, and increase patient satisfaction.

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