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The Future of Anemia Management

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Anemia affects more than 18 million Americans, and the percentage of surgical patients with anemia is sky-high – estimated at 30 to 40 percent. Anemia correlates with worse surgical outcomes, longer length of stay, increased blood transfusion and readmission rates, and higher costs for health systems. Yet despite this, more than half of the patient blood management health system leaders we surveyed in 2020 (60 percent) reported that their health systems did not have an anemia management system in place.

What’s stopping healthcare leaders from addressing this serious problem? In many cases, it’s a combination of an underappreciation of anemia’s seriousness and concern about costs and logistics. These are valid concerns, particularly against the backdrop of COVID-19’s challenges. But there is good news: the future of anemia management is simple, streamlined, and effective. Taking a step toward good anemia management is an easy way to improve patient safety and experience, while boosting revenue and cutting costs at the same time.

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What Is the Future of Anemia Management?

Simply put, the future of anemia management is virtual. MyBloodHealth® is Accumen’s patented anemia management platform, capable of generating end-to-end care plans for perioperative patients. MyBloodHealth® is a centralized, technology-enabled anemia management service that solves the problem of time-consuming, error-prone manual anemia management approaches.

MyBloodHealth® systemizes patient workflows, triages patients, and creates custom care plans. Data flows in automatically from disparate sources in a seamless, secure manner. Even better, every member of the care team stays in the loop, including primary care physicians, the surgical team, patient navigators, and other specialists, plus lab, pharmacy, the patient, and others.

Features of MyBloodHealth® include:

  • Daily worklist review, with all of a health system’s anemia management patients in one place
  • Individual patient assessment, bringing together all of an individual’s pertinent data points in a single screen
  • Patient visit documents and templates in one place
  • A complete patient communication record, making it easy to track before, during, and after the procedure

Proven to help reduce surgical complications, hospital stays, readmission rates, and extra medical visits, MyBloodHealth® can make anemia management a sustainable “standard of care” in your health system. The solution also drives down overall costs in two ways:

  • Captures revenue opportunities related to anemia infusions
  • Reduces avoidable costs, enabling a health system to retain as much of its standard procedure payment or bundled payment as possible

An easy solution that lowers costs and results in safer, happier patients. That’s the future of anemia management with MyBloodHealth®.


Learn more about MyBloodHealth®, Accumen’s patented anemia management system that helps health systems better identify patients, avoid unnecessary blood transfusions, prevent complications, and increase patient experience.

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