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The Ins and Outs of Hospital Assessments for Anemia Management

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MyBloodHealth® offers a comprehensive anemia management platform that addresses this modifiable risk factor that contributes to morbidity and mortality. Accumen’s patented software solution gives your health system the robust anemia management your patients deserve, in a low-cost, time-saving, maintenance-free package.

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But how do you know if your health system should choose MyBloodHealth® over an in-house, DIY anemia management setup? Accumen is here to help. We offer the MyBloodHealth® Anemia Management Opportunity Assessment at no charge to health systems. This complimentary analysis identifies the opportunity for positive financial impact in several key areas, including estimated infusion margin, cost reductions, and annual margin improvement. It’s key information for any health system administrator who wants to determine the best anemia management strategy.


How can your hospital benefit from anemia management?


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Our opportunity assessment algorithm starts with your hospital’s specific case load and patient mix. The analysis includes the following steps:

  1. First, we calculate your hospital's case volume for the most high-risk anemic patients.
  2. Next, we identify which anemic patients fall within 32 diagnosis-related groups that are both high blood loss and nonemergent.
  3. Then, we analyze your organization’s surgical costs, charges, and payments to determine whether, and to what extent your surgical service line is profitable.
  4. Once we have analyzed your organization’s data, we pull out a subset of patients from your organization's data who are considered anemic and apply evidence-based assumptions (based on peer-reviewed literature and Accumen’s proprietary data) to calculate likely outcomes.
  5. Finally, we assess key improvements with measurable impact on your organization’s bottom line, including
    • Reductions in length of stay as a result of proactive anemia treatment
    • New revenue generated through increased use of infusion-based anemia treatments (e.g., IV iron and ESAs)

With this analysis in hand, your organization is in a strong position to evaluate the positive impact of a comprehensive anemia management program patient safety, patient experience, and costs. Moreover, choosing an all-in-one software solution like Accumen’s MyBloodHealth® means that you can also factor in staff time savings as compared with DIY, in-house options. Our complimentary assessment is the first step toward an effective anemia management solution.

Robust anemia management begins by asking the right questions. Accumen’s MyBloodHealth® Anemia Management Opportunity Assessment provides a valuable analysis to any administrator considering a new anemia management program or looking to accelerate an existing program.

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