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The True Cost of Iron Deficiencies and Anemia

The True Cost of Iron Deficiencies and Anemia

What condition affects an estimated 30 percent of the global population and correlates with poorer surgical outcomes, increased blood transfusion rates, longer length of stay, and higher readmissions? If you answered iron deficiency and anemia, you know how serious – and how vastly undertreated – these conditions are. The costs in terms of human suffering and the impact on quality of life are staggering – but those aren’t the only costs.

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In addition to their significant impact on health, particularly among our most vulnerable populations, iron deficiency and anemia create an enormous economic burden as well. Consider this:

  • Together, chronic heart failure and chronic kidney disease – both of which have a high correlation with anemia – account for 50 million patient encounters per year.
  • As many as 40 percent of surgery patients are anemic.
  • Anemic orthopedic surgery patients have twice as many readmissions and fail to bundle nearly 100 percent of the time.
  • Patients with anemia average a 50-percent longer SNF LOS after surgery.
  • Anemia increases healthcare costs by 30 percent.

Reducing the cost of iron deficiency and anemia


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Fortunately, there is a simple and cost-effective solution to anemia’s costs. It’s MyBloodHealth®, Accumen’s patented anemia management software solution. With MyBloodHealth®, your health system has a smart alternative to the financial risk, time-intensive implementation, and ongoing maintenance requirements of an in-house perioperative anemia management program.

Key benefits include:

  • System success in managing a standard anemia management approach
  • IV Iron and infusion center increases in patient throughput and revenue
  • Charge reductions for RBC, LOS, and readmission rates
  • Strong infrastructure, resulting in a sustainable program
  • Onsite implementation in less than 90 days
  • Customization of report template and billing process
  • Expanded educational and training resources
  • Regular access to expert technical and clinical support
  • Plug-and-play SaaS solution

MyBloodHealth® drives real results for health systems. They include:

  • Improved patient outcomes – decreasing complications associated with blood transfusions
  • Increased patient safety – reducing the number of transfusions and their associated costs
  • Higher revenue opportunities – creating new infusion revenue streams from anemia treatments
  • Lower cost – enabling the hospital to retain more of its standard payment for procedure or bundled payment


Learn more about MyBloodHealth®, Accumen’s patented anemia management system that helps health systems better identify patients, avoid unnecessary blood transfusions, prevent complications, and increase patient satisfaction.

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